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ABOUT P & D PhotoBooth

Who We Are

This is us!

Hi! We are Danny and Pam, a couple of Professional Chefs who used to live down in the Mayan Riviera. One day we went completely crazy and decided to sell everything to jump on our motorcycle and ride to Alaska! More on that adventure here: 2chefs1moto

It took us a year to get ready but we did it. Once on the road, we offered to cook for people in exchange to stay with them, we had a blast! After a year of traveling, fate brought us to Texas, where we have been cooking up a storm!

From our Restaurant La Cruderia to our Catering Company P & D Catering, and many other Culinary projects in the making. You can also visit our store . All of these while having an amazing time!

We've lately been focusing on growing our businesses, while Catering is our passion, we strive to make your events the most exciting! That is why we have added our PhotoBooth 360 service to our portfolio. This means that we can help you organize the while event so that you can deal with only one company directly to take care of it all while you actually get to enjoy your event. Welcome to our project!

About Us: About Us
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